Who Am I ? Outside the confines of my past trauma

-A 120 minute workshop of exploration of self for youth and adults that have lived experience in foster care to begin to challenge the identity we have had to create in order survive and connect with our purpose without the confines of our past.

120 mins

The power of your voice

Youth and supportive adults learn about the different types of ways to use your voice and the impact that can be made on the world the world with their own voice even after experiencing trauma.

Testimonial for The Power of your Voice

Carmelita Coleman

Executive Director of SAYSO, Inc.

Fostering Healing ( congregate care youth) 13+

-120 min Youth centered workshops to begin grounding in the present, healing the past, and envisioning the future.

Choose one below :

  1. The Mindset to success

  2. Evolving definitions

  3. Your Existence Matters


The gift of your story (prereq: The Power of your voice)

A 60 min workshop to connect youth advocates to the perspective

of their story being a gift and that it is a privilege for others to know about any details or circumstances that they share. In this workshop, participants will come on the otherside knowledgable and confident about how to share their story.

60 mins

Decolonize + Holistically heal

for Non profit leaders + guiding supportive organizations who serve youth in foster care

a 3 part series learning how to decolonize the mind, body and spiritual elements to show up as your most engaged, authentic and positively impactful self for greater outcomes for the foster care populations you serve.

Testimonial for Decolonize & Holistically Heal

Anna Gennari

Deputy Director of Foster Youth in Action

Fostering Freedom: How to support transition-age youth to heal and thrive

for foster parents, social workers, GALs and other supportive adults who care for transition age youth

A two-hour virtual presentation that chronologically shares the experiences of the author, Ángela Quijada-Banks ( a professional certified holistic health coach with lived experience) and her revolutionary model, The R.E.A.L success model. The R.E.A.L success model addresses the unique and layered aspects that Black, indigenous and youth of color have to overcome(who disproportionately make up the demographics of the child welfare system) . During this engaging and educational presentation, you will gain insight into what the Black foster youth handbook is and why the R.E.A.L success model should be used in your work/ embedded in your practice.

Testimonial for Fostering Freedom

Gaile Osborne

President of Foster Family Alliance

A couple of Ángela Quijada-Banks's customized keynote recipients:

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